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Prof Jan Webb appointed to Scottish Government Expert Commission

Appointment as member of newly established Expert Commission on District Heating

Jan Webb, Sociologist and Principal Investigator of the RC-UK Heat and the City Research Project, has accepted an invitation from the Scottish Government Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism to become a member of the newly established Expert Commission on District Heating. The Commission is charged with advising the Government on the steps necessary to ensure a major move towards district heating in Scotland, and will work alongside government to remove barriers. Members are drawn from industry and community sectors, academia and public agencies. The Commission will contribute to energy and enterprise policy and housing strategy, and identify financial mechanisms for new infrastructure.

District heating works by pumping hot water or steam from a shared heat source through a network of underground pipes to public, domestic and commercial buildings. It is well established in Scandinavian cities; it helps to reduce fuel poverty, is energy and carbon saving, and contributes to local economic regeneration. The UK Government National Infrastructure Plan 2011 and the Carbon Plan 2011 have given renewed impetus to development, and this year should see statements from DECC and Scottish Government about their actions to stimulate investment in district heating

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