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Michael Rosie to Advise Scottish Ministers on Bigotry

Dr Michael Rosie has been appointed to the Scottish Government's independent advisory group on sectarianism

Dr Michael Rosie has been appointed to the Scottish Government's independent advisory group on tackling sectarianism. The group will examine the scale and nature of religious bigotry in Scotland, assess efforts to tackle it and advise Ministers on policies and initiatives to combat sectarianism.

The remit of the advisory group is to:

·        Develop and analyse a body of empirical evidence to give Scottish Ministers robust and informed advice on the nature, extent and impact of sectarianism on modern Scottish life.

·        Assess and monitor current practice to tackle sectarianism and advise Ministers on potential improvements and priorities for public support.

·        Work with anti-sectarian practitioners and with organisations with an interest in making change, to identify appropriate models for delivering positive outcomes at community level, and to explore opportunities for co-operation and collaboration among those practitioners and organisations.

·        Use all of the evidence and information gathered to advise Scottish Ministers on priorities for policy, and on action, to address and reduce sectarianism.

·        Respond to Ministerial requests for specific advice in this area as required.

The advisory group comprises: Duncan Morrow, University of Ulster (chair); Cecilia Clegg, University of Edinburgh; Ian Galloway (former convener of the Church of Scotland’s Church and Society Council), Margaret Lynch (Chief Executive of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau Scotland); Michael Rosie, University of Edinburgh

Michael Rosie is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Co-Director of the Institute of Governance at the University of Edinburgh. He has a longstanding research interest in sectarianism and religious identities and attitudes in Scotland.