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Edinburgh Postgraduates' Professional Success

News of what our recent doctoral students are doing

Numerous students who graduated with Sociology PhDs from Edinburgh since 2000 have gone on to get academic posts and lectureships. The following all hold lectureships, research posts or research grants having received their doctorates here at Edinburgh:

Martha Caddell, Amy Chandler, Katherine Charsley, Xiang Fang, Jennifer Fleetwood, Gill Haddow, Akiko Hemmi, Morgan (Chi-Tung) Huang, Ruth Lewis, Yuval Millo, Shahid Pervez, Irene Rafanell, Gethin Rees, Andrea Salter, Salla Sariola, Suzanne Shulz.

Others have gone on to careers in the Scottish Government, NGOs and the Canadian Mounted Police.

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