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Angus Bancroft's Drugs, Intoxication and Society reviewed

Drugs, Intoxication and Society will 'make a lasting contribution to the field'

Polly Radcliffe in Sociology says of Angus Bancroft's 'Drugs, Intoxication and Society', "As a study of the social relations of psychoactive substances and the myriad myths that surround drug use, this book will make a lasting contribution to the field. Bancroft’s evocation of real and imagined vignettes of everyday drug use and drug-related experience, illuminated accessibly for the reader new to the topic, show the extent to which our lives are imbricated with licit and illicit use of substances from cocaine to coffee. Quotations from Plato to Homer Simpson emphasise the persistence and continuity of intoxication and its problematisation throughout history and across cultures.” Sociology.


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