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Jan Webb Facing up to Climate Change

Royal Society of Edinburgh Committee of Inquiry

Jan Webb has joined a multi-disciplinary Committee headed by climate scientist Professor David Sugden, that will be focusing on the gap between the policies we have for dealing with climate change and the actions needed to make the policies work. The Committee will be holding regional debates, a schools competition on a low-carbon future, public lectures, and discussions with a wide range of businesses, public sector and civil society bodies.

Amongst the challenges that climate change is likely to bring to Scotland will be issues of domestic energy and car use, energy price increases, changing patterns of international trade, food security and our level of self sufficiency, increasing flood risk, and increasing migration of populations adversely affected by food and water shortages.

The RSE Inquiry aims to raise awareness of the challenges, both from global warming and from the move to a low carbon economy, and to identify how individuals, communities and industries can turn these challenges into positive opportunities. Further information is available from