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Living Change: a psychosocial exploration of societal transformation

Living Change: a psychosocial exploration of societal transformation
Speaker: Professor Sasha Roseneil # University College London
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8th Nov 2018 16:00 - 8th Nov 2018 17:00
Meadows Lecture Theatre

What does it feel like to live through deep and far reaching processes of societal transformation? How do people in different places respond to forces that they experience as outside their control – de-industrialisation, climate change, population change? How can communities survive in the face of disruptions to their environment and destabilizations of established ways of living and being together? How do they mobilize their resources in response to overwhelming experiences of change - to care for themselves and the places of which they are part? How can they work through the experience of traumatic change, and come out the other side?

Seeking to address these questions, this presentation involves the screening of three short digital video portraits of the fieldsites in the north of England in which I have been conducting a longitudinal ethnographic study over more than fifteen years. Made in collaboration with artist Tom Walker, these experimental films explore the sensory, affective, experiential dimensions of social change, with my subsequent commentary offering methodological reflections on the challenges and possibilities of psychosocial research.