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Lost in Leith: a sociology of Edinburgh's Trams

Lost in Leith: a sociology of Edinburgh's Trams
Speaker: David McCrone # University of Edinburgh; Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh
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4th Apr 2018 11:00 - 4th Apr 2018 12:00
1st Floor Practice Suite (CMB 1.12)

What’s sociologically interesting about Edinburgh’s trams project and the ensuing controversy? I will explore, briefly, the history of this project and its aftermath, still ongoing; how it came about; and why it cost 40% more than the original estimate. The main focus will be on explaining this cost overrun, and will assess various accounts: that it is a function of city branding and hence an ensuing vanity project; treating it as a so-called megaproject; and/or the inevitable outcome of outsourcing the state and New Public Management notions of ‘contract’. 

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