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Liquidity fetish and the future of finance

Liquidity fetish and the future of finance
Speaker: Professor Matthias Thiemann # Goethe University; Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh
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18th Jan 2017 11:00 - 18th Jan 2017 12:00
1st floor practice suite (CMB 1.12)

Before the 2007-9 global financial crisis, financial markets had evolved to facilitate private liquidity production and the circulation of ever-growing amounts of debt. When this fragile system froze up during the crisis, it took extraordinary measures by governments to keep it afloat. This talk concerns how regulators and central banks are today seeking to preserve market liquidity, while attempting to curtail short-term funding liquidity. To help explain the phenomenon, the talk addresses the role of financial theories in promoting a liquidity fetish that is shaping the future of finance.