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Internet Dating, Sexual Intimacy and Older People

Internet Dating, Sexual Intimacy and Older People
Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Christine Beasley # University of Adelaide
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22nd Sep 2015 11:00 - 22nd Sep 2015 13:00
Practice suite - CMB, 1st floor

Sexuality is frequently unrecognised and under-theorised as a mode of ageing social interconnection. Yet this failure to fully integrate sexuality into considering older people’s lives cannot be sustained in the face of its well evidenced links with health and wellbeing. Such a failure has problematic implications for the adequacy of policy, and health and service provision. However, to include sexuality--and in particular sexuality and older people--in our understanding of intimate arrangements requires new research directions. We concentrate upon the instance of heterosexual older people and internet dating as a means to consider sexuality and social connection, and find that there is a significant research gap not merely in relation to older people but also in terms of considerations of social change.

While this research terrain requires further empirical enquiry, and may well demonstrate much that remains normative, the focus upon older people and new technologies in relation to sexual intimacy is also suggestive of heterodox innovations which might be considered as politically significant. Some possibilities are sketched out in order to open up analysis of developments in sexuality and intimacy, and their potential in terms of social change. Heterodox innovations are likely to be relevant to the future shape of facilities/services for older people.

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