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Tom Burns and the Practice of Sociology

Tom Burns and the Practice of Sociology
Speaker: John Eldridge # University of Glasgow
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2nd Oct 2013 11:00 - 2nd Oct 2013 13:00
6th Floor Common Room CMB, 15a George Square

Chaired by Donald MacKenzie 

The seminar will offer an account of how Tom Burns emerged and developed as a sociologist. So I refer to his work in his pre-Edinburgh days and how and why he moved on to become an industrial sociologist, with special, but not exclusive, reference to The Management of Innovation.  

I go on to discuss his organisational studies on the BBC and on hospitals. I am particularly interested to show how he related theory to method in his work in imaginative ways.  

I will also make reference to his excellent study of Goffman. Although I may make some critical comments my main purpose is to demonstrate what a fine sociologist he was and what we can learn from him.