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Sociological Tour of Edinburgh

Sociological Tour of Edinburgh
Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh; Hosted by: Innovative Learning Week # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
18th Feb 2014 10:00 - 18th Feb 2014 13:00
Start 6th Floor Common Room Chrystal Macmillan Building










Want to know the tale of two Towns and the artificial hill that connects them? Want to know how Scotland's political elites and Edinburgh's working class came to occupy the same street? Or the social history of one-up-one-down 'colony' housing? Want to know about the idea of a public park on Calton Hill to improve public health and public mood? Want to know what sociologists make of Edinburgh? Or how changes in social policy, migratory flows, and political and cultural renewal shaped the city? Come join the walking tour!

The sociological tour is an invitation to explore Edinburgh from the perspective of sociologists, to see how the city has evolved in social and spatial terms – how changes in social policies, migratory flows, political and cultural renewal have shaped the city. Book online via MyED. Outdoor walking included - dress for the weather!

Organising Team: Lynn Jamieson, Nick Prior, Isabelle Darmon, Radhika Govinda, David Anderson, Becky Mill, Tirion Seymour, Anna Drever and Aimee Bromwich Wickham

Tour participants: we looking forward to hearing your feedback of your experience of the tour. Please write to us at

Tour Guide: (click for PDF)

The Route:

Sociological Walking Tour Route - ILW 2014











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