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Roundtable Talks: Gaining insight into the research design process

Roundtable Talks: Gaining insight into the research design process
Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh; Hosted by: Sociology & Global Change # University of Edinburgh
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15th Feb 2017 17:00 - 15th Feb 2017 18:30
Chrystal Macmillan Building, Practice Suite 1.12

Roundtable Talks: Gaining insight into the research design process

Our next Social Global Change Seminar will take place on Wednesday, 15 Feburary, 2017 at 5:00PM in CMB Practice Suite. We have invited three PhD students to talk about their dissertations which range from an Ethnography, Archival Documentary Research (Documents of Life) to Multilevel Modelling. This seminar is intended as a space to ask questions about the research design process that may include choice of research methods, data collection and analysis. We welcome students who are in the initial stages of their dissertation and wishing to learn more about the process of doing research in the social sciences. We will have short presentations by: 

Gilberto Galeazzi: “The Spirit of Caprera: an Ethnographic Analysis of Sailing”

Lisa Kalayji: “Negotiation of Emotion Cultures in Social Movements” 

Yuji Shimohira: “Multilevel Modelling and other Quantative Ways of Researching Inequality and Politics”

This seminar is part of the Global Social Change Seminar Series. The overarching objective of the Series is to provide a regular learning event and community building opportunity for students on the taught MSc in Sociology and Global Change. Building on the theme of 'global social change' each seminar aims  to connect one or several contemporary issues with the theoretical perspectives students are currently studying in courses such as Globalisation and Nations and Nationalism. 

Contact: Cristina Wilkinson-Salamea (


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