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Gender and the City workshop

Gender and the City workshop
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19th Feb 2014 14:30 - 19th Feb 2014 17:30

What has queuing to pee got to do with the gender politics of development? Do cities construct ‘gender’? Do they transform gender relations? Are certain genders and gendered practices rendered invisible by city spaces? What role does ‘gender’ play in the everyday life of people in cities in the global south? Are their concerns any different from those in the global north?

Through hands-on activities, participants – first 25 to sign up only – will critically reflect on gender politics of development in city spaces in the Global South. This event is being organised jointly by Sociology at SPS and the Global Development Academy. Book online via MyED.

When and where:  Wednesday 19 February 14.30-17.30 -- look out for announcement of venue on the ILW page here -