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Connecting Community Archives – What Next?

Connecting Community Archives – What Next?
Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
28th Nov 2016 09:45 - 28th Nov 2016 16:30
Room 2.05 Ogilvie, Geography (Old Infirmary), Drummond Street

Monday 28th November 2016, University of Edinburgh

Room 2.05 Ogilvie, Geography (Old Infirmary), Drummond Street

A programme outline for the workshop is available here

In the context of the growing sophistication of community archiving, this day-long meeting aims to create a space for discussions about what further initiatives are needed to connect up community archives.

The invitation-only workshop will open with short contributions offering a review of some past initiatives around connecting community archives and what can be learned from these. The afternoon with have a more open format for in-depth attention focused on identifying and addressing current challenges, and how we can take the day’s discussions forward, through network grants and other funding opportunities.

Key questions for the day include:

  • How can we connect up different community archives?
  • Can we create shared or collective repositories?
  • Are cloud-based repositories one possible solution?
  • What other new infrastructures and standards are needed?
  • What can we learn from previous efforts to create infrastructures for connecting community archives?
  • What tools, platforms and workarounds are community archives currently using?
  • What can we learn from analogous fields – e.g. the archiving of academic research, the creation of library data repositories?
  • What are the challenges currently facing community archives in developing their facilities and services?
  • What are the challenges around ownership, control, access, funding, sustainability and constantly shifting digital worlds?
  • What possibilities and demands can be harnessed to scale up the work of community archiving?

The aim for the day is to produce a Position Paper summarising discussions on connecting community archives and to offer a review current funding possibilities for taking any emerging ideas forward.

The day is funded by the AHRC Connected Communities Programme (Kerri Facer) and the AHRC Digital Transformations Programme (Andrew Prescott), and organised by Andrew Flinn (UCL), Niamh Moore (Edinburgh), and Simon Popple (Leeds), with research assistance from Nikki Dunne.

Please contact for further details.