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Agency in Post-Conflict Societies Conference and Exhibition

Agency in Post-Conflict Societies Conference and Exhibition
Hosted by: The Voices of Post-Conflict Project # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
30th Sep 2014 16:00 - 10th Oct 2014 18:00
Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square & Whitespace Gallery, 11 Gayfield Square

Agency in Post-Conflict Societies Conference and ExhibitionClick here to dowload this poster

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The Voices of Post-Conflict Project is delighted to invite all interested parties to attend our conference and exhibition, held in two parts in Edinburgh from September 30th to October 10th 2014.

The Voices of Post-Conflict Project is an Edinburgh University student-led initiative, aiming to raise awareness about the experiences of women and young people in the aftermath of war. Our purpose is to facilitate a space where the NGO sector, academics and the general public can engage with each other through our conference ‘Agency in Post-Conflict Societies - Perspectives on Issues of Gender and Agency for Women and Young People’.

This will be a multi-disciplinary platform to shed a light on experiences of post-conflict situations, and to inspire new perspectives on initiatives for improving the agency of individuals in conflict and its aftermath.


                     Schedule of Events



George Square Campus (Room 1.06, 50 George Square)
30th September 2014
4-6 pm


Exhibition Launch 

Presentations on the topic of Researching Gender in Conflict and Post-Conflict by the Voices of Post-Conflict Co-directors: 

Marie-Eve Hamel: PhD candidate in Sociology. Her research analyses the social reintegration of survivors 
of ethnicized sexual violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda. 

Nathalia Salamanca-Sarmiento: PhD candidate in Sociology. Her research explores former child 
soldiers’ narratives in Colombia as a way to explore how these voices can contribute to the understanding 
of childhood during armed conflict.

Selma Augestad: MSc by Research candidate in Sociology. Her undergraduate dissertation is an analysis 
of local advocates’ understanding and navigation of gender norms impacting women’s healing and agency 
in the post-war context of Kosova

2nd October 2014
12-2 pm

Research presentations

Multidisciplinary perspectives on researching post-conflict at the University of Edinburgh. Researching vulnerable populations in post-conflict contexts. Multidisciplinary perspectives at the University of Edinburgh.

With presentations from:

Kajit Bagu: Cognitive Justice, Plurinational Constitutionalism and Post-Colonial Peacebuilding: A 
Constitutional Philosophy on Identity; the Global South, Central Nigeria. School of Law.

Katherine Baxter: The Lived Zaatari Documentary Project’s experiences of fieldwork in Jordan with Syrian refugees. School of Social and Political Science.

Laura Martin: Local Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone. African Studies. School of 
Social and Political Science.

Ruth Marsden: The disappearances and the politics of loss in Nepal. School of Social and Political Science

Whitespace Gallery (11 Gayfield Square)
3rd October 2014
6-9 pm


Exhibition Launch

Formal Opening of the Photographic Exhibition Voices in the Aftermath
Wine reception.

4th October 2014
2-5 pm

Policy Workshop. ‘How to improve agency in post-conflict societies: issues and perspectives on including survivors’ voices’

The workshop will be run by Patricio Cuevas-Parra, a Child Rights advocate that manages research and information analysis on social justice issues affecting children. He has published six books on the topics of children’s rights advocacy, child participation, indigenous children and gender. He holds two master's degrees: one in International Relations and another in Children's Rights.

With the screening of The Prosecutors (Art Works Projects). The story of Amani and Jasmin, two lawyers who fight to make sure that survivors of sexual violence in conflict get justice.

This is a closed event. Please email if you would like to attend.

6th October 2014
6-8 pm


Panel discussion: ‘Gender in the aftermath of war: impact, concerns and considerations’.

Chaired by Dr Liliana Riga, programme director of the MSc in Sociology and Global Change at the University of Edinburgh and Academic Advisor of the Voices of Post-Conflict Project.

With presentations from:

Dr Helen Liebling, Lecturer-Practitioner in Clinical Psychology and Associate of the African Studies Centre 
at Coventry University. Helen has been working in Africa since 1998, carrying out consultancy and training to increase capacity for medical and psychology treatment of war survivors and trauma counselling, and supporting structures for professionals in northern Uganda, Liberia and eastern Congo.

Dr Maria Angelica Thumala. Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Lecturer in Sociology at the 
Catholic University of Chile and Research Associate at the Centre for Criminology of the University of 
Oxford. She is currently consulting for the World Bank on gender and conflict and has contributed to the 
book 'On norms and agency: Conversations about gender equality with women and men in 20 countries' 
as well as two Middle East and North Africa Regional Gender studies.

Dr Mo Hume. Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Glasgow. Her research focuses on issues of violence and gender in post-war societies with particular interest in Central America. Since 2007, she has worked on a collaborative project with Oxfam America on looking at local level governance and the prevention of gender based violence in El Salvador. 

Lisa Seymour-Doughty, Mercy Corps Programme Officer for West and Central Africa and Caribbean. She is based in Edinburgh and supports programmes in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Liberia, Niger, Mali, and Haiti. Before joining Mercy Corps, Lisa lived and worked in Democratic Republic of Congo, as a researcher for the Institute of Development Studies and National Centre for Social Research.


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8th October 2014
4-6 pm


Film Screening: 'Seeds of Hope', Q and A with Director Fiona Lloyd-Davies. Discussion and debrief of 
London 2014 Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in War. 

Chaired by Dr Claire Duncanson, Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Edinburgh.

The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is known as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a 
woman. ‘Seeds of Hope’ tells the story of a survivor of rape, Masika Katsuva who provides shelter and 
counselling for women who have been rejected from their families because they have been raped. The movie 
depicts how they move on and reshape their futures, while including interviews with the perpetrators of rape 
and their attitudes towards the crimes they have committed.

Fiona Lloyd-Davies is an award-winning filmmaker and photojournalist who has been making films and taking 
pictures about human rights issues in areas of conflict since 1992. Her on-going reporting from eastern 
Democratic Republic of Congo focuses on the sexual violence against the civilian population.
Donations will go to the Masika Foundation

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Thursday 9th October 2014


Final exhibition day

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The Voices of Post-Conflict Project

Where:  September 30th – October 2rd, Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square

October 3rd – October 10th, Whitespace Gallery, 11 Gayfield Square  


Agency in Post-Conflict Societies Conference and Exhibition