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Documentary Screening: Quinoa Soup

Documentary Screening: Quinoa Soup
Date and Time
12th Feb 2016 18:00 19:00
Appleton Tower

'Quinoa Soup' is a 30 min documentary about how the sudden rise in global demand for Andean quinoa has impacted Bolivian growers. The American filmmaker Kate Kirby will be giving a Q&A after the screening. 

On February 20th, 2013 the United Nations launched the International Year of Quinoa. A highly nutritious pseudocereal grown primarily in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, it is believed that this complete protein could help eradicate world hunger.

However, evidence has shown that an increase in quinoa’s trendiness in countries like the U.S. has left Andean growers unable to afford their traditional staple, resulting in a decrease in quinoa consumption among indigenous farmers and an increase in malnutrition.

In response to the so-called “quinoa quandary,” a plethora of articles have surfaced attempting to answer an oversimplified question: is eating quinoa good or bad?

This past February, Kindred Planet Productions, a team led by Kate Kirby, a recent graduate student in Global Policy at the University of Maine, traveled to Bolivia to investigate "what our consumption means for Bolivian growers."