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Goffman Memorial Lecture

Goffman Memorial Lecture
Speaker: Professor Sylvia Walby # Lancaster University
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Date and Time
10th Oct 2018 16:00 - 10th Oct 2018 18:00
Meadows Lecture Theatre

Crisis: What crisis?  The crisis can be seen to cascade from finance to the economy to the fiscal to exacerbation of intersecting inequalities to political turbulence and to violence.  It emerges in Brexit and the potential restructuring of the EU.  The crisis is gendered; but in what way?  What difference does the ‘framing’ of the crisis make to this process?  Is ‘the crisis’ ‘real’ or ‘socially constructed’?  How is the concept of crisis, which challenges notions of social change as gradual and of causes as proportionate to their effects, to be addressed in social theory?  The talk will address the theory of crisis in the context of current changes in the UK and EU.

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