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Global Ethnographies Showcase

Global Ethnographies Showcase
Hosted by: Arek Dakessian # University of Edinburgh
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25th Feb 2014 17:30 - 27th Feb 2014 21:00
Chrystal Macmillan Building - Seminar Room 1

Creative BeirutGlobal Ethnographies, a semi-annual event showcasing postgraduate student research on global topics with an exhibition of their work in the foyer of CMB and with invited speakers.

The Winter 2014 Global Ethnographies exhibit will be Creative Beirut, by Arek Dakessian, PhD candidate and MSc programme graduate.

Cities actively negotiate how they would like to be seen by the outside world. Cultural production, consumption, and distinction transpire through them and emanate into global processes. Historically recognized as a creative city in the Middle East, Beirut’s cultural image has come under increased competition from world cities and media 

hotspots such as Dubai and Doha. This three-way competition, in which technology infrastructures and the mobilities of human capital play key roles, has necessitated a reevaluation of the self in Beirut.

The city's self portraits are reflections of struggles within and outwith its different histories and social spheres. Beirut is making sense of its stories as it tells them to the world. It is art therapy, and it's changing how the city perceives itself, its environment, and the way it wants to be seen by others.

Creative Beirut is an ethnography of the meanings and stories of Beiruti film, photography and design and the cultural networks that produce the city’s aesthetic representation of the self. See Beirut's still images and motion pictures from February 24 to 28. Panel discussions will be held as of 5:30 pm on February 25, 26, and 27 in the CMB.

Image Credits: Concept & Copyright by Tres Colacion, Design by Dima Tannir