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Inaugural Lecture delivered by Professor Vernon Gayle

Inaugural Lecture delivered by Professor Vernon Gayle: The research value of longitudinal social science surveys, past present and future
Speaker: Vernon Gayle # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
21st Feb 2014 16:00 - 21st Feb 2014 18:00
Teviot Lecture Theater


The UK has built up an impressive portfolio of longitudinal social science surveys. These surveys collect data from multiple repeated contacts with individuals and households often over many years. Therefore they are indispensable for studying both social change and social stability. In this lecture I shall deliver an accessible, non-technical introduction to some of the concepts associated with longitudinal social science data. I shall highlight some existing datasets and comment on their research value. The lecture will conclude with my vision of how the future landscape of longitudinal social science research should optimally unfold.

Directly before the lecture there will be a screening of part of the award winning television documentary The Up Series.

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