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Sociology: Events



Sociology at Edinburgh regularly hosts distinguished speakers of international reputation. Each semester, the series showcases contemporary research carried out by eminent scholars on the world we live in.

In the recent past, the series has featured papers on diverse subjects such as Nations, Culture and Power, Society and Its Environments, Religion in Modern Europe, Public Sociologies, European Culture and Violence. Lectures on each of these topics have been given by invited scholars who enjoy a high international standing. Among the more recent guests have been Michael Burawoy (Berkeley University), Jeffrey Alexander (Yale University), Chandra Mukerji (University of California/ San Diego), Barbara Misztal (Leicester University), Jack Goldstone (George Mason University), Michael Hechter (Arizona State University), Francis Fox Piven (CUNY, past president of the American Sociological Association) and Mike Savage (York University).

Each year, Sociology invites a scholar of high international reputation to give the Erving Goffman Memorial Lecture. This aim of this lecture is to honour and continue the intellectual legacy of Erving Goffman by deepening our understanding of human behaviour and interactions.