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LIVED is a non-profit registered Scottish charity that seeks to Shed light, create awareness, and mobilise support for the lived experiences of displaced youth populations around the world.



We seek to cultivate creative empowerment, self-expression, critical engagement, transferrable skills and collaborative learning opportunities through the provision of documentary filmmaking workshops to displaced youth.



Our hope is to provide practical venues through which displaced youth can be supported to realise their ambitions, creating pathways that allow them to escape the social, physical and psychological confines often associated with refugeedom to imagine alternative future possibilities.



Through the making of documentary films, both by members of the LIVED team and by the young people participating in our film workshops, we seek to vocalise the often-unheard voices, stories and day-to-day experiences of young people experiencing displacement. We seek to utilise these creative products to communicate and disseminate valuable insights to a wide range of academics, policy-makers and members of the general public through extensive knowledge exchange activities.



LIVED sees empathy as a force for good in the world and aims to harness the potential of documentary film to foster empathic connections and identification among people who would not otherwise encounter each other.



We view documentary film as a powerful and resonating way to communicate and make visible the often overlooked lived experiences of displacement occurring in many parts of the world; experiences affecting the today’s and tomorrow’s of much of the world’s youth. We therefore view it as our responsibility and privilege to use our documentary film know-how to share these experiences with audiences far and wide with the hope that increasing levels of awareness and consciousness will have the ability to create real, meaningful change.


To learn more about LIVED, visit our website or contact Arek Dakessian or Katherine Baxter