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The Sociology department at Edinburgh (founded in 1964 by Tom Burns) is one of the UK’s leading Sociology Departments, highly regarded for its record of influential original research and teaching. Edinburgh Sociology has been rated as first in the UK for the quality and breadth of its research in the Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014). We have a longstanding commitment to original empirical and theoretical work on society, and on the production of cultural and scientific knowledge. Our approach is shaped by a sociological understanding of the importance of the link between biography and history, private troubles and public issues,... Read rest of text

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Professor Emeritus John Eldridge receives Honorary Degree

At our July 2018 Graduation Ceremony Sociology was delighted to see Prof. John Eldridge awarded an honorary degree. Below are the texts of Prof. Frank

Stanley Raffel has passed away

We are sorry to announce that Stanley passed away on 25th June.

Upcoming Events

Oct 24 Speaker: Professor Jonathan Hearn # University of Edinburgh What did the Enlightenment Scots ever do for us? Hume and Smith as sociologists 11:00 (1 hour) 6th Floor Staff Room CMB

Nov 08 Speaker: Professor Sasha Roseneil # University College London Living Change: a psychosocial exploration of societal transformation 16:00 (1 hour) Meadows Lecture Theatre

Nov 21 Speaker: Dr Lucie Middlemiss # University of Leeds Understanding energy poverty: insights from secondary qualitative data analysis and critical policy analysis 11:00 (1 hour) 6th Floor Staff Room CMB

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