50 Years of Sociology

This year marks an important milestone for Edinburgh Sociology. It's been 50 years since Tom Burns founded the department in 1964 and became its first Chair of Sociology and we are delighted to announce a year-long programme of events that will celebrate sociology's achievements of this past half century. Burns emphasised the importance of teaching students not just about society, but about the methodologies and skills required to study it, a legacy that has contributed...


Call for Outlines! Weber / Simmel antagonisms, Staged dialogues Conference

Submission Deadline: 29 May

Sociologists (and others) solving global problems - here and now!

In celebration of this year's Innovative Learning Week, a group of staff and students organised a workshop on the theme: 'Solve the world's problems in

Photos from the 50th Anniversary Conference

Photos and video from the 50th Anniversary Conference held on 2-3 July in St Cecilia's Concert Hall.

Upcoming Events

Mar 30 Conference: Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh New Directions 2015 09:00 (1 day and 10 hours) , Chrystal Macmillan Building, 6th Floor Common Room


Apr 20 Seminar: Speaker: Dr Gavin Smith # The Australian National University Disembodied exhaust and embodied exhaustion: On the work of managing data proxies in the informatic age 12:00 (2 hours) , Chrystal Macmillan Building, 6th floor common room

Sociology Seminar series

Apr 22 Seminar: Hosted by: Sociology # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Meritxell Ramirez-Olle # University of Edinburgh Work in Progress 11:00 (2 hours) , Chrystal Macmillan Building - 6th Floor Common Room

Work in Progress Seminar

Sociology Video